Agents of Success

Gen-Ex Cargo is a company that is dedicated to providing the best service in the international door-to-door freight business. The efficient transport system and exemplary customer service of Gen-Ex have made them a reliable deliverer of balikbayan boxes for the past sixteen years.


When one visits the Gen-Ex website, the first image that is seen are the many happy faces of those who have relied on their services. One of Gen-Ex’s legacies is smiles-to leave smiles on the faces of their customers. Gen-Ex was founded on the premise of community, as those who worked away from home were still able to connect with their families through the love that they packed into a box. Passion and generosity are the company’s key virtues. Gen-Ex has aided in relief efforts for victims of typhoons in the Philippines, has been the source of excitement for OFWs and their families, and truly provides every customer with peace of mind. For that love and compassion is echoed in every box that gets delivered to a customer’s door, and now, that same thread of care is available through Gen-Ex’s newly established online resources.


It is now possible for several satisfied customers of Gen-Ex to be a part of the company’s success. Shops can apply to act as service ambassador agents for Gen-Ex as part of a financial agreement that would result in additional income for their business. Those who apply to become individual agents earn bonus points for every fully paid referral or box they send, which can then be used towards obtaining free boxes for themselves. Furthermore, individual agents can also claim rebates on their remittance transactions by bringing their remittance receipts to any Gen-Ex office.


Gen-Ex has also been cultivating their online services to make the process of ordering and tracking boxes easier for customers. Orders of empty boxes as well as pick up times for packed boxes can be arranged online. Once the box is on its way to its destination, locating it is a simple process of entering the box number into the online tracking system. Other services include the odd box calculator, which would help in figuring out the pricing of boxes that vary from those given in the standard list. Box price lists and packing tips are also conveniently located on the Gen-Ex Cargo website. The continued cultivation of Gen-Ex’s eCommerce services is the way of ensuring that customers can trust that their box has safely reached its intended destination.


Gen-Ex is also the only cargo company that accepts online payments via Paypal and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Furthermore, there is also a comprehensive insurance service for cargo boxes- ensuring that customers have peace of mind even if there cargo is lost or damaged as insurance benefits will cover these costs.


Gen-Ex does not only provide exemplary customer service, but also truly show their customers that they care. They treasure every memory, every ounce of love that is packed and delivered with their boxes, as nothing could resonate with the spirit of the Philippine community more than those moments. For when a box is filled, so is the heart of the person receiving it.

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