• What are your office hours? Where are you located? What is/are your contact numbers?



Telephone No.

Office Hours

San Po Kong
(Main Office)

9E Wong King Industrial Building, 2 Tai Yau St., San Po Kong

(852) 2343-4307

9AM – 6PM Daily

Worldwide Plaza

Shop 341 3/F, World Wide Plaza, 19 Des Voeux Road, Central

(852) 2530-3366

9AM – 6PM Daily

North Point

Shop A&B 1/F, King’s Court, 48-52 Fort St., North Point

(852) 2570-2525

9AM – 6PM Daily

Tsuen Wan

Shop 145 1/F, Lik Sang Plaza, 263 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan

(852) 2620-0377

9AM – 6PM Daily

Sha Tin

Sha Tin Public Market

(852) 2343-4307

8AM – 5PM Sundays & Public Holidays


20-B rua dos Cules R/C Edif. Ho Veng

Macau SAR

(853) 28370731 or 32

Sunday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


Monday – Thursday 1:00PM-9:00PM


Friday 1:00PM-6:00PM


Saturday- CLOSED.


(Guangzhou, China)

Guangzhou Baiyun District Shijing Town Qingfeng Village Qingfeng Clothing City (next to the East Too Logistics Park C9 warehouse)
广州市白云区石井镇庆丰村庆丰服装城旁东太物流园C9仓库  联


Sunday – Saturday/Public Holidays*  9:00 am to 6:00 pm


*except Good  Friday, Christmas Day & New Year’s Day (Closed)

2. Price/Payment related

• What are your pricelists and delivery commitment? (PHP, HKD, RMB)
  • Our price is denominated in HKD. Rates below apply to Personal Effects Cargo Only. A nominal fee of HK$200.00 per box for re-packing charges.

Box Type


Luzon 1

Luzon 2



Delivery Commitment

2-3 Weeks

3-4 Weeks

4-5 Weeks

5-6 Weeks

5-6 Weeks































• What are the modes of Payment?


  • By  bank transfer (our banking info to be provided  in our invoice)
  • By  FPS  (Fast Payment Service)  to FPS ID
  • By TNG
  • By WeChat/Alipay – if you could pay through WeChat/Alipay, you may contact our hotline 2343-4307 to assist you. Or you can present your WeChat/Alipay payment code to our World Wide and San Po Kong branches for fast and convenient payment.
  • By Paypal / Visa / Mastercard – subject to 5% handling fee based on the total invoice amount.


  • By Paypal / Visa / Mastercard – subject to 5% handling fee based on the total invoice amount.


  • By Paypal / Visa / Mastercard – subject to 5% handling fee based on the total invoice amount.


  • We  also accept payments in the Philippines subject to a nominal convenience fee of US$25.00

    By  bank transfer (our banking info  to  provided  in our invoice)

  • By Paypal / Visa / Mastercard – subject to 5% handling fee based on the total invoice amount.
• Can my box be picked up even if I haven’t paid fully?
  • Please pay as soon as possible.  Our system will  automatically calculate storage penalty due  after 30 days of non-payment from box pick up date
• Can my box be delivered even if I haven’t paid fully?
  • Your box will be held in our Manila warehouse and can be released and scheduled for delivery only once paid in full (subject to applicable storage charges for non-payment after 30 days  from  box pick up date).
• I was not able to finish packing my box, is temporary closed allowed?
  • As a general rule, temporarily closed boxes should be discouraged at all times!
  • Temporary closed boxes if any is valid for one (1) week only. After one week, GX reserves the right to ship to Manila warehouse without further notice to the customer.
• Is there a penalty charge if I have not paid my box?
  • We offer free storage period of one (1) month only from actual pick-up/packing date.
  • Storage penalty is automatically computed by the system at HK$100 per 30 days.
  • We also send reminder letters:
    • Over 30 to 60 days overdue – 1st reminder
    • Over 61 to 90 days overdue – 2nd reminder
    • Over 90 days – for disposal
• How much will I pay if I extended the height of my box?
  • We usually discourage oversized boxes to preserve the box durability.
  • Bulky Box is subject to HK$/MOP/RMB 50.00  from 1 – 5 inches,  HK$/MOP/RMB 75.00  from 6-10 inches and HK$/MOP/RMB 100 per inch 11 inches onwards.
• Do you provide insurance for my box?
  • For our client’s peace of mind, optional insurance is available at HK$100 per box.

3. Ordering

• How to order a box?
  • Through online – please visit our website at www.genexcargo.com
  • Through any of our branches.
  • Through agents – please refer to our Agent List.
  • Through phone:
     Hong Kong+852 2343 4307  
     Macau:   Call & Text: 66676958 / 62695577 / 66157000
     China: WeChat Mobile: +8617157891181
  • Because we care for your patronage and finances, we are offering a HK$/MOP/RMB 20.00 discount when you pick up your box at any of our branches.
  • Please book your order at least one day before.
• What are the different sizes of the box
  • Please see below dimension:


Dimension (in inches)


Max Kgs.


24” x 24” x 36”




24” x 24” x 26”




24” x 24” x 20”




24″ x 14″ x 20″




24″ x 12″ x 12″



* Please note that we deliver or pick up baby box if together with other bigger box/es but not alone.

* Half and Baby Box are not available in China

• Can I send a different size of the box?

4. Stripe Bag

• Which branches offer storage?
  • For striped bag storage (STB), all of our branches do accept storage, you may choose which one you are convenient with for packing. We have a 3-month free storage only. Overdue storage will be charged $50/month/piece. Please note that we are not liable for any damages incurred during storage. We do not accept breakable items and odd sizes. If you like to pull out your stripe bag without packing with us, we charge $150 minimum per piece. The company reserves the right to dispose of (without notice) storage items unclaimed after 3 months.
• What if I do not have time to pack my STBs within 3 months
  • Our free storage period is valid for 3 months only.   Once you exceed  the 3 months  free storage period,  you will  receive monthly letter reminders from us  to pack your bags to avoid storage  fee.  If you are still  unable to  pack your bags  despite our repeated reminded letters,  you will  receive a FINAL DISPOSAL  NOTICE.   This notice will forewarn you that your bags has been identified for disposal  so  we can make room  for other customers to save up  and store their bags at our warehouse.
• I like to pack my STBs to a different branch indicated in my tag, can I do that?
  • You  will be charged the appropriate storage fee after our free 3 months storage period.  We believe that 3 months is sufficient time for a customer to save up stuff for packing bags to our boxes for onward transport to your loved ones in the Philippines.

5. Services

• What services do you offer?
  • Air and Sea Cargo Forwarders
    • We offer worldwide services using all major air cargo carriers for both import and export to the Philippines.
    • Sea cargo service to the Philippines from virtually any port around the globe for less than container loads to full container loads, oversized break bulk and RO-RO shipments.
  • Freight Forwarding
    • Keep your goods – and your business – on the move. Faced with the ever-changing nature of the global marketplace and the ever-increasing challenges of navigating it, our clients require a skilled and experienced Freight Forwarding partner. Our diverse door to door cargo expertise to the Philippines and our international access to a global transportation network allow us to create optimum supply chain solutions.
  • Consolidators
    • Foreign buyers from suppliers and manufacturers can use Gen-Ex Cargo warehouse in Hong Kong as their ‘ship-to’ address for onward transport to their ultimate consignee in the Philippines.
  • Crating/Export Packaging
    • We offer on-site and off-site crating for our client’s convenience. We can also physically survey the cargo and advise our clients as to the appropriate packaging
  • Cargo Insurance
    • For our client’s peace of mind, we provide cargo insurance at favorable rates through our open cargo insurance policy.
  • Customs Clearance
    • With our extensive experience and network pool, Gen-Ex Cargo can ensure the “headache-free” and quickest possible Philippine customs clearance of shipments.
  • Door to Door Delivery
    • With a wholly owned Philippine Door to Door Delivery team, Gen-Ex Cargo provides solutions to the customer, who want to simplify logistics management, reduce costs and minimize the risk of loss or product damage. By leveraging the breadth and reliability of our delivery network, we remove delays from your supply chain, delivering goods from overseas directly to your ultimate Philippine consignee’s doorstep.
  • Door to Door Cargo Service
    • We also accept less than truckloads, full truckloads from Manila to any point in the Philippines.

6. Holidays

• Are you open on Holidays?
• Are there any cut-off dates during the holiday seasons?
  • Yes, we have a cut-off date during Christmas season; it is to be announced one month before. You may call our hotline at 2343-4307 for more information.

7. Pick-up

• How does the pick-up work and when can I have my box picked up?
  • First, you need to call our hotline or any of our branches for our staff to happily assist you in booking a pick-up schedule at least one day before. Please provide clearly your full details, name, contact number, address, size of the box and any special instructions you have. Our hotlines:
    Hong Kong+852 2343 4307  
     Macau:   Call & Text: 66676958 / 62695577 / 66157000
     China: WeChat Mobile: +8617157891181
  • Please note that we do not have a time frame in picking up your box. Our pick-up crew might call you when they are on their way and kindly make sure that you are able to answer their call.
• Does location matter in picking up boxes?
  • Yes, there are some remote areas and islands that our truck we cannot provide delivery and pickup. For more details, please call our hotline at 2343-4307.

8. Others

Where is my box?
• Can I submit a photo?
• How do I submit a complaint?
  • You may email to info@genexcargo.com your complaint together with some photos. We will investigate and address your concern with the utmost urgency.

9. About Us

• How was Gen-Ex Cargo founded?
  • Gen-Ex Cargo has a solid history in the international door to door freight business. It has all resources and facilities required for operating an international freight forwarding door to door business from any point in the world.
  • It has excellent and efficient service in the clearing, forwarding, and transportation systems that can facilitate the door to door delivery of either small or over-sized cargo.
  • Gen-Ex Cargo was established and initiated by a group of Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs having long and professional work experience in the industry. The professional abilities of its management and staff are part of the success of the Company. It provides total transportation services covering air, sea and land freight.
  • We look at ourselves as a high service quality oriented company representing the interest of our customers. Our strategy is based on the sole premise to never have any preconceived opinions about possible or impossible solutions which in the final analysis is good for our customers and likewise good for us.
  • We offer all customers and agents personalized tailor-made services which heavily rely on information technology and open communication. It is our standing policy that all inquiries will be replied to and accordingly acted upon within 24 hours.
• What is your Business Ethics?
  • Gen-Ex Cargo is focused on improving its services based on the principle that if we do not improve daily we will be perceived as a regressive organization. We believe that rapid, continual improvement is no longer an option, it is necessary for survival.
  • Gen-Ex Cargo upholds the highest levels of an ethical standard held by the industry, the community and professional associations in Hong Kong and to whatever branch and extension offices it has built and will build in the near future.
  • Gen-Ex Cargo is committed to providing services that are perceived by customers to be not just good or excellent, but innovative.
  • Gen-Ex Cargo conducts business in such a consistent and value-controlled manner as to ensure parity. It will endeavor at all times to communicate only what is true and factual.