Customer Empowerment at Gen-Ex

At Gen-Ex we have long realized that online self-service for customer support is far less expensive than telephone-based service. We cut costs dramatically on both sides by having customers go online themselves rather than visit an office or call a contact center to follow up the delivery status of their cargo.

Our customer service portals at  was designed to increase satisfaction as customers can go online on their own time, access the necessary information without waiting for a customer service representative at the office or on the phone, and get off quickly.

It’s a great example of increasing efficiency while improving the customer experience at the same time.

We at Gen-Ex realize that an effective approach to empowering customers, however, requires a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences as well as a sophisticated capability to design and build the right tools and platforms.

At Gen-Ex, we practice the following guidelines we find particularly important:

We think long term and create a flexible “test and learn” environment where constant testing and review supports continuous improvement


We think multi-channel: It’s not just the self-service portal for customer but also consider a rewards system for our hardworking sales agents


We think analytics to help ensure the proper segmentation & priorities


We think on demand, as more and more customers want to serve themselves online.|


We think social: the next great trend in customer empowerment is facilitating social networking for peer-to-peer customer service


We believe that direct customer access to our network can enable faster action, greater customer satisfaction, and more efficient service provider operations.

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