Business Relationship at Gen-Ex Cargo

Sales and business growth are all about establishing and then developing good business relationships. This takes time and energy – a lot of both. Gone are the days when we show our customer our product and they said easily, “OK.” Especially in our highly competitive business environment, were we offer a service, it takes even longer to do. Rest assured however, that we work hard to build our name and build our customer base. TRUST The most important ingredient of any relationship – whether it is business or personal – is shared sense of trust. We will never be able to establish or develop any relationship without it,for trust is the foundation for reliability, dependability, honesty and good faith. That is why at Gen-Ex, it is critical to be up front and honest with our customer from day one. We promise only what we can deliver and deliver what we promise, and the some! For example, if our customer says they want a box delivery intwo weeks and we know it will likely take three, we say, “We’d like to be able to tell you it will be two weeks, but we want to be honest with you,it will likely take three. We will do everything we possibly can to get it to you sooner.” INTEGRITY To operate with integrity means that we refrain from badmouthing the competition.We won’t win-over customers by attacking he competition. At Gen-Ex, we have a “deep understanding” not to say do anything to turn customers off, as we are 100% percent sure they’ll look elsewhere. We get their business by working hard for it, proving our self, being likable and by portraying a higher class of service in every aspect of doing business with them. CONSISTENCY Building relationships requires being persistent, but it also requires consistency. At Gen-Ex, we build relationships and create goodwill by communicating often with customer even after our service offering. Whether it’s a simple written note, a phone call, or e-mail, those extra touches make a Gen-Ex customer feel special. This effort usually pay off with repeat business and referrals.
Remember to ask your customer what’s important to them
At Gen-Ex, we make it a point to remember our customers’ interests, hobbies, special events and ask questions about what is important to them.“So, Juana, how was your vacation? Did your family enjoy the box of goodies you sent from Hong Kong?” I understand that your daughter is graduating from University? All your hard work in Hong Kong has paid- off! Gen-Ex as a valuable resource At Gen-Ex, we position ourself as an ongoing,valuable resource to customers by providing them with ideas and information that will help them grow THEIR business. We have MASTERED the logistics business in Hong Kong and China and we share our in-depth knowledge with them. We give more, even when there are no immediate rewards in it for us. if we read an article that may be of interest to our customers,we sent it to them.if they have a problem,we try our best to find a solution to help them!This is especially true if they are a potential customer. if we learned something new in a seminar that will be helpful to customers,we tell them. At Gen-Ex,we win new customers, retain existing customers,build strong customer loyalty, and even establish lifelong friendships by going the extra mile and handling each customer with special care.

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