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* Freight forwarding
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Gen-Ex Cargo has a solid history in international door to door freight business. It has all resources and facilities required for operating an international freight forwarding door to door business from any point in the world.

It has excellent and efficient service in clearing, forwarding and transportation systems that can facilitate the door to door delivery of either small or over-sized cargo.

Gen-Ex Cargo was established and initiated by a group of Hong Kong based entrepreneurs having a long and professional work experience in the industry. The professional abilities of its management and staff are part of the success of the Company. It provides total transportation services covering land and sea freight.

We look at ourselves as a high service quality oriented company representing the interest of our customers. Our strategy is based on the sole premise to never have any preconceived opinions about possible or impossible solutions which in the final analysis is good for our customers and likewise good for us.

We offer all customers and agents personalized tailor-made services which heavily rely on information technology and open communication. It is our standing policy that all inquiries will be replied to and accordingly acted upon within 24 hours.

Gen-Ex Cargo is focused on improving its services based on the principle that if we do not improve daily we will be perceived as a regressive organization. We believe that rapid, continual improvement is no longer an option, it is necessary for survival.

Gen-Ex Cargo upholds the highest levels of ethical standard held by the industry, the community and professional associations in Hong Kong and to whatever branch and extension offices it has built and will build in the near future.

Gen-Ex Cargo is committed to provide services that is perceived by customers to be not just good or excellent, but innovative.

Gen-Ex Cargo conducts business in such a consistent and value-controlled manner as to ensure parity . It will endeavor at all times to communicate only what is true and factual.

Gen-Ex Cargo provides quality services with the best people , each committed to meeting or exceeding our customer’s service and cost expectations every time.

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